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Supporting Dentistry in Scotland


We provide a Local and
National Delivery Service

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As a full service laboratory Dental Technique is capable of providing a dynamic range of products and
services to their customers. The range of services available can be as flexible as your patient's wishes.

Crown and Bridge

As a result of over 30 years experience in this sector Dental Technique can supply an up to date service comprising of the latest technologies such as Ivoclar Emax pressed ceramic and the latest generation of CAD CAM systems, or a traditional bonded or metal option. These restorations are all finished to the highest standard with GC Initial and Noritaki porcelains.

Crown and Bridge work


Dental Technique's reputation for prothestics is UK wide and we give our customers a range of products and options based on a three tiered structure:

All private cases

  • Patient consultation (optional)
  • High quality teeth used - Vivadent Enigma Premium (Ivoclar Vivodent PE)
  • Lucitone high impact acrylics
  • Customized aesthetic and functional set up
  • Acrylic shading


All independent cases

  • Patient consultation (optional)
  • Quality teeth used - Natura Ivostar
  • Diamond D high impact acrylics
  • Customized aesthetic and functional set up


NHS cases

  • Patient consultation (optional)
  • Standard tooth and acrylics
  • Standard set up



Cobalt Chrome

All types of frameworks produced in a variety of materials including Titanium and Vitalium. Also milled bars available.

Cobalt Chrome


Offering a complete range of fixed and removable appliances. Whitening Trays, Mouthguards, Splints and Anti snoring devices can also be ordered.



With a growth in patients taking the implant option Dental Technique understands the complexity of these cases and can offer an open mind to over come any issues raised by your patient. They offer a post treatment plan alongside their patient consultation service. In all implant cases from a single restoration to a full arch restorative treatment they are committed to aesthetic and functional excellence. They are a Straumann Platinium Approved laboratory with a wealth of experience of all approved implant systems.

implant2 th

Patient Consultation

Patient consultations are available, please contact Natalie King for further information.

01738 622166

Patient Consultation